C.K. De Wolden: where sports and breeding meet: Drenthe: region with the excellent merrietribes!


On Tuesday 19th July, the region of Drenthe organizes the provincial rounding of the inspection season.


On this day, breeding and sports come together on the beautiful grounds of CH de Wolden in Veeningen. The start is 8.30. There is a lot of and free parking.


The Drentse breeders present their preselected foals and young mares here.


The foals compete for the provincial championships this day, the young mares are eligible for promotion to a higher quality class. The tops of all categories can receive an invitation for the National Final. This National 'breeding finale' takes place in the beautiful grounds of the Dutch Hippic Center.


The best 4- and 5-year-old dressage horses present themselves in the PAVO Cup and try to place themselves for the National Final. The 4-year jumping horses also compete in the ISAH competition and go for a delegation to the National Championship. The warm interest from Drenthe for the spring sports is further emphasized by the final of De Wolden Cup, a league of 4 and 5 year old jumping horses.


Traditionally, there are very good sports horses from our Drentse breeding lines. Until today, these tribes are deployed and on the Central inspection you can see how our breeders have combined and what the results are. (Maybe you can even come to business!)


In addition to the selection of horses, there is also the election of 'The Breeder of the Year'. This title is given to a Drentse breeder who has shown vision, perseverance and success. There are multiple candidates, so that stays exciting.


In addition to the selection and various sporting elements, there is also a large straw village in which everyone can find everything in horse riding and country life.


You are welcome!


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